Testing and Instrumentation


Testing and Instrumentation is an area of our practice that focuses on third-party testing during construction and other post-construction data gathering and analysis using our datalogging equipment.

Third-Party Testing during Construction

After commissioning mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems for a number of years, the need to include the building enclosure in our commissioning services became clear. The best HVAC system in the world cannot compete with air leaks in the building enclosure, which is like leaving a window open all day, every day, regardless of season. To address this, ECO Commissions has obtained specialized knowledge, earned certifications, and applied testing procedures listed below. We have already made an impact on a number of our projects in this new practice area and continue to educate new clients on the benefits of building enclosure commissioning and testing.

Certifications and Education

  • NEBB - Certified in Building Envelope Building Systems Commissioning
  • ABAA - Licensed Air Barrier Auditor
  • Level 1 - Thermographer
  • Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison - Building Enclosure Commissioning Process
  • ABAA Auditor Training Course
  • SITC Training Center - Investigative and Quality Assurance Testing Course
  • RCI - Rooftop Quality Assurance Program
  • RCI - Roofing Technology and Science (Lvl 1) Program

Testing Procedures

  • Air Barrier - ASTM D 4541-09
  • Air Barrier - ASTM E 1186-03
  • Fenestration - ASTM E 783-02
  • Fenestration - ASTM E 1105-00 
  • Fenestration - AAMA 501.2-09
  • Fenestration - AAMA 502-12
  • Fenestration - AAMA 503-14