Design Review


Design Review is a service that is often associated with the LEED Enhanced commissioning credit, but can be incorporated into any commissioning scope of work.  We would even go as far to say that a design review be the first, or only, commissioning service to be selected. But why is this?  I think that we can all understood that design teams are selected for their expertise.  However, can tell you from experience that the design is being changed all the way up to the delivery deadline.  It should not then come as a surprise that some final details do not get addressed on the final bid set and that contractors will ultimately issue change orders based on this missing or conflicting pieces of information.  It often said that it is easier and cheaper to make changes on paper than it is to do so in the field.  It has been our experience that this service pays for itself before ground is broken or equipment is purchased.  Or to put it another way, we have yet to find an owner who has regretted paying for this service, but many who wish they had.