Getting building systems to work is all in the details.  That's right where we live.

We live in a world where building owners serve more than one role and all too often the operation of a building is not their primary focus.  This leads to a reactive situation where building operations are only addressed when a complaint is voiced or something breaks.  Over time this lack of focus combines with an inadequate budget and leaves the operation a building on a downward spiral.    

At ECO Commissions we stop this cycle. For new and existing building alike, we serve our clients as an independent, third-party consultant, providing them with the highest quality building commissioning and energy services.  We stop these operational inefficiencies and in the case of new construction, we prevent them before they even start.

To accomplish this we have assembled a complementary set of services that can be applied to any building.  These services include:

Since not every building is the same, no two solutions are either.  Consult with our team to determine what solution best meets your needs.