Continuing Education

ECO Commissions proudly presents various lunch and learn topics for local firms.  This highlights one of our core values which is sharing knowledge with owners, architects, and engineers for the betterment of the built environment.


    Lunch and Learn Courses

    The following is a list of our AIA Approved Courses, credits elgible for each course is listed after the course title: 

    • Sustainable Commissioning (Approved 1.0 LU/HSW)

    The purpose of this course is to give an understanding ofbuilding commissioning and to introduce the topic of sustainable commissioning. 

    Architects play an important role in advising owners about the design and construction processes.  Another process that is becoming more integrated into the whole building design model is the discipline of commissioning.  The first part of this presentation will involve gaining a basic understanding, learning how to evaluate service providers, and what to expect for deliverables.  

    Sustainability should not end at the conclusion of design or construction.  Rather a sustainable building must be operated and maintained to continue the benefits that the design team so thoughtfully incorporated.  This is where the idea of sustainable commissioning comes into play, which will be discussed further in the session’s second half.

    • Commissioning For Architects (Approved 1.0 LU/HSW)

    Building commissioning is a service that is becoming more of a standard practice in today's construction field.  With buildings systems becoming more complicated and energy costs rising, its beneficial for an owner to elect this service, often turning to their architects to explain more about what commissioning is.  In this presentation you will be given the tools you need to offer informed advice to your clients and guidance for evaluating commissioning firms.  The presentation will conclude by offering some lessons that we have learned in the field so that you may improve your practice and serve your clients better.

    • Building Enclosure Commissioning (Approved 1.0 LU/HSW)

    Building commissioning is a service that is becoming more of a standard practice in today's construction field.  Although most often associated with HVAC and temperature controls systems, by its very nature it is a process which can be applied to any system in a building.  One system in particular that is getting alot of attention is the building enclosure and this is for very good reason.  This presentation will review what building commissioning is, how it is applied to the building enclosure, what the standards are, and where it is being included into the LEED rating system.  To conclude, we will also provide more details about specific deliverables, testing, and costs that go along with building enclosure commissioning, including some lessons learned from the field.

    • Commissioing of Plumbing Systems (Approved 3.0 PDH's)

    Matt Nelson presented "Commissioning of Plumbing Systems" at the ASPE National Symposium in Orlando Florida on September 21, 2013.

    • Feedback From The Field (Approved 1.0 LU/HSW)

    The purpose of this course is to provide actionable feedback from actual construction projects to improve future engineering. 

    The engineer’s role in the construction industry is constantly changing.  Today, our role is often shaped more by fees and requirements than by a better standard of practice.  In the past, engineers and contractors worked together as artisans collaborating on building a great project.  Over time, the gradual reductions of fees have changed these two groups of professionals into “silo” workers, who keep a careful eye on their wallets and interact infrequently.  Unfortunately, this “silo” mentality has robbed young engineers the opportunity of learning from their mistakes, watching their designs turn into reality, and improving their future designs by talking to knowledgeable contractors

    This presentation will share experiences from design reviews to construction installation. Find out things like: What do engineers miss most often? What should everyone know about testing and balancing? How do you think like the maintenance staff? and more.


    If you would like to request a lunch and learn or would like a more customized presentation please contact us at or call us at 888-988-4ECO (4326).