Energy Assessment


An Energy Assessment is an analysis of existing utility consumption and the identification of where the usage is occurring.  Most owners do not know how much their building should be using in energy.  We go beyond the analysis of monthly utility bills to include an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of your building systems.  This is done by following one of the ASHRAE level 1, 2, or 3 energy audits procedures as determined by project scope.  This will not only determine a benchmark Energy Use Index (EUI) for the building but also include a list of potential energy cost-saving measures.  A EUI benchmark is important because it gives owners a number that they can compare to comparable buildings but also a number that they can compare the same facility to, in the future.  Depending on the level of assessment the Energy cost-saving measures generated can vary from low- and no-cost measures to larger capital improvement projects, and can be critical in planning future capital expenditures for your facilities.