Thanks for visiting our site, below is a few words as to why you should consider some of the services we provide.


Whether you have a new or existing building, commissioning can be applied to your facility.  Think of commissioning as a building tune-up.  According to research studies, buildings start to run inefficiently within 3-5 years from when they were last commissioned.  If your building has never been commissioned, don’t worry, this is not uncommon in today’s market, but don’t delay commissioning can save you an average of 10% on your utility bills, not to mention the countless complaints it can eliminate.


Energy Auditing

Do you know how much your building should be using in energy?  Most owners don’t have that information.  At best they will compare their monthly utility bill spend to previous months or that same month a year ago.  This doesn’t account for changes in weather or even if energy use is typical for that type of building.  We can perform ASHRAE level 1, 2, and 3 energy audits to determine just that.  We can also more cost-effectively act as you own personal energy manager instead of adding this expertise to your own staff or overburdening your current staff.


Measurement and Verification

Two reasons that you should consider our measurement and verification (M&V) services are 1) Savings projected for energy improvement projects can be hard to track and 2) Monthly utility bill analysis is too infrequent to identify when a problem with your system occurs.  With M&V services we can track and compare the operation of your building, letting you know that energy savings are being met or when there are indications that something in your building is not working like it should.  The early detection of such events could easily pay for the service and also shows others, with documented proof, that you are being fiscally responsible with your operating budget.


Forensic Consulting

The first call for a building owner when something beyond their expertise is not working right is typically to a service company or contracting firm.  Normally this is the right decision, but there are cases when these professionals return repeatedly to address the same problem or, upon looking at the situation, are at a loss as to the proper fix.  With our knowledge of systems and equipment operation, ECO Commissions can take this problem resolution to the next level.  We can identify the root cause of the problem and make sure that it doesn’t re-occur.  Let us help you prevent the wasted time and frustration that you will endure trying to solve problems through normal channels.


Design-Guided Integrated Project Delivery

More projects than even are being delivered through the design-build process.  If you are not familiar with the process, this is where contractors end up leading the construction process with the assistance of the design team. Designers provide general layouts and equipment selections and the contractors use their best judgment as to how the details are to go together.  The problem arises when decisions are made by the contractors for budgetary reasons that do not match what the owner intended.  The design-guided integrated project delivery method allows owners more control over changes that occur and empowers the design team to be able to maintain the integrity of their design. Ultimately this provides owners with the cost savings and expedited delivery method that like about design-build while empowering the design team.  All this combines to give the owner a project that exceeds their expectations.