When Utilities Can't Read Meters

For the most part utilities do a good job at making sure that facilities meters are read correctly.  But what happens when they don't understand their readings.  Let me explain, I was in a clients office talking with the person who handles the utility bills, when she stops and hands me an electric bill to take a look at.  It was huge!  In comparison to previous months this bill was off the charts.  I asked what the reason for the abnormally high bill was and she explained that the meter was incorrectly read.  The utility bill was actually for an unoccupied school that was slated to be demolished now that the a new replacement school had been built.  The utility employee assumed that since the building could not have possibly used so little electricity that it must have spun the meter through a complete cycle.  Luckily this mistake was caught by the district but it prompted me to think what about the countless times where it's just a small mistake?  Something that an untrained employee wouldn't detect. It is not the utilities responsibility to make sure that you are getting the best possible rate structure or that you are not over billed. Let ECO Commissions help you identify these mistakes or other billing corrections.  We'll work to make sure that the utilities are treating you fairly.
Posted on March 22, 2015 and filed under Energy Assessment, Measurement and Verification.